Campaign Launch

When our clients launch new campaigns or products, they want to understand who is already interested in their organization and the products that they as a marketing group or communications department are about to unveil.

Knowing your marketing message is important, but sometimes that message does not always translate across to social media. By helping to uncover the tone of conversations and general topic areas around an upcoming launch, we can help you attack the market with major social media influencers on your side.

Whether you are planning on having a deep engagement strategy or simply a strategic marketing campaign across social media forums, a study of the channels and forums helps our clients have a simple and current assessment of where to place marketing dollars.

Case Study – Campaign Launch

Broadroots Consulting was contacted by a national restaurant franchise to help with the launch of a new healthy product menu. The client wanted to understand what people were saying about their organization in relation to health and fitness as well as what they were looking for from their competitors.  The Broadroots team suspected that by analyzing similar launches by competitors, the client could shape the marketing of this campaign to reflect what consumers would say. Read More….