Ongoing Monitoring

Ongoing Monitoring

Once you are actively monitoring what is being said across social media channels, it always helps to check your pulse and see if you are on the right track.  We’re finding that our clients have needs that go across the spectrum, and not everyone needs to monitor social media chatter on a daily basis. 

One of the key values of monitoring is to understand the core topics and channels that will help drive strategy.  Especially when constant engagement is not the goal, our clients find that periodic views of social media conversation can help you modify and adapt strategies in a structured way.

Broadroots Consulting can help you do spot health checks of your brand, products and competitors along the way to ensure that you and your organization remain focused on your business goals without getting caught up in the details of daily posts.

Case Study – Ongoing Monitoring

Ongoing Monitoring Case StudyAfter conducting a social media audit, Broadroots Consulting was contracted by a non-profit client to monitor, on a quarterly basis, the impact of social media efforts. Through the initial study, the client realized that their industry was not one which required constant daily monitoring, but rather an in-depth review every few months to understand and anticipate changes in the social media landscape around their organization and the industry. Read More….