Social Media Audit

Social Media Audit

For many of our clients, understanding the channels and influential voices of the aggregate conversation across over 300 million channels is a simple but crucial step to developing a strategy based in research. Identifying areas which will result in the greatest impact today can help an organization strategically engage across the most important angles.

Analytically observing the dynamics and demographics of groups that will be most appropriately served through new social media assets can help eliminate costly projects that have a disinterested audience.

Broadroots Consulting can also perform a historical audit of past social media engagement to create a baseline from which organizations can begin to drive their social media efforts.

Case Study – Social Media Audit

Broadroots Consulting was contacted by an insurance company who had already been organically involved with social media within various business silos.  The client wanted to add structure to its social media efforts, and allocate resources to areas where social media assets would have the greatest impact.  While competitor organizations were pursuing strategies around the 20 to 30 year old market, the insurance company was not entirely convinced that this demographic was ready to engage on social media. Read More….