Trend Analysis

Often the most difficult part of engaging across subject matters that are not inherently topics of spirited community discussions is the ability to find places where these same potential customers are already having or want to have conversations.

In the same way that a banking organization company would want to associate itself with a sporting event where its potential target demographic congregates, we help our clients discover branding opportunities in social media channels where their product or service is not necessarily being talked about with passion.

When done effectively, these channels can reveal themselves to be more effective than the obvious ones. At Broadroots Consulting, we help our clients monitor certain topic areas that demonstrate trends, and then we help to create strategic insight around that listening.

Case Study – Trend Analysis

Broadroots Consulting was recently contacted by a software company to understand how trends and observations in the overall ecosystem of social media could help them in their efforts to gain more customers and to provide better customer service to the customers that they already had. The company was looking to uncover new ways to market and engage interested participants in the industry by addressing their needs and concerns across multiple product groups. Read More….