Case Studies

Having helped numerous organizations throughout the process of monitoring for social media conversations about their brand and their industry, our team has the knowledge and expertise to strategically think about where your efforts will have the most impact.

Looking through some of the client work that we have been involved with can help you see how our services may be able to assist you and your organization as you embark on figuring out just how social media can fit in with your business objectives.

Case Study – Social Media Audit

Broadroots Consulting was contacted by an insurance company who had already been organically involved with social media within various business silos. The client wanted to add structure to its social media efforts, and allocate resources to areas where social media assets would have the greatest impact. While competitor organizations were pursuing strategies around the 20 to 30 year old market, the insurance company was not entirely convinced that this demographic was ready to engage on social media. Read More….

Case Study – Campaign Launch

Broadroots Consulting was contacted by a national restaurant franchise to help with the launch of a new healthy product menu. The client wanted to understand what people were saying about their organization in relation to health and fitness as well as what they were looking for from their competitors. The Broadroots team suspected that by analyzing similar launches by competitors, the client could shape the marketing of this campaign to reflect what consumers would say. Read More….

Case Study – Trend Analysis

Broadroots Consulting was recently contacted by a software company to understand how trends and observations in the overall ecosystem of social media could help them in their efforts to gain more customers and to provide better customer service to the customers that they already had. The company was looking to uncover new ways to market and engage interested participants in the industry by addressing their needs and concerns across multiple product groups. Read More….

Case Study – Ongoing Monitoring

After conducting a social media audit, Broadroots Consulting was contracted by a non-profit client to monitor, on a quarterly basis, the impact of social media efforts. Through the initial study, the client realized that their industry was not one which required constant daily monitoring, but rather an in-depth review every few months to understand and anticipate changes in the social media landscape around their organization and the industry. Read More….