Campaign Launch

Campaign Launch Case Study

Broadroots Consulting was contacted by a national restaurant franchise to help with the launch of a new healthy product menu. The client wanted to understand what people were saying about their organization in relation to health and fitness as well as what they were looking for from their competitors.  The Broadroots team suspected that by analyzing similar launches by competitors, the client could shape the marketing of this campaign to reflect what consumers would say.

The client identified two recent product launches by close competitors, and the Broadroots team put together a plan by which to analyze the anticipation and reaction across social media.  The team measured differences in social media conversations before and after launches, and monitored for comparative conversations that could help shape the upcoming campaign launch.

With the analysis in hand, the client knew prior to the launch and promotion of the healthy menu: which influencers would distribute content and the type of content that he/she was most likely to gravitate towards.  In addition, by using some of the major blogs for health conscious conversation as marketing opportunities, the client was able to capture the attention of engaged individuals where they most often congregate.