Ongoing Monitoring

Ongoing Monitoring Case Study

After conducting a social media audit, Broadroots Consulting was contracted by a non-profit client to monitor, on a quarterly basis, the impact of social media efforts. Through the initial study, the client realized that their industry was not one which required constant daily monitoring, but rather an in-depth review every few months to understand and anticipate changes in the social media landscape around their organization and the industry.

Channels did not change substantially, however new influencers and domains continued to arise over the course of time.  By submitting that the social media environment is quickly changing but strategies take time to develop, implement and execute, the client wanted to spend more time focusing on creating content for strategically identified opportunities than reacting to every post created in social media.

Our client setup an ongoing relationship with Broadroots to have a business driven analysis of social media conversations to be conducted over the course of a year. As changes in the conversation were uncovered, strategic decision were made to approach new channels.