Trend Analysis

Broadroots Consulting was recently contacted by a software company to understand how trends and observations in the overall ecosystem of social media could help them in their efforts to gain more customers and to provide better customer service to the customers that they already had. The company was looking to uncover new ways to market and engage interested participants in the industry by addressing their needs and concerns across multiple product groups.

Our team set up a listening assessment “net” to capture all of the conversations occurring around the target group and demographics. Our analysts searched for competitors, products and services that would help the company position products and services to the industry.  What were individuals looking for with respect to specific topic areas, and was there something that the client could provide based on the feedback?

Distilling the analysis into specific segments and interest areas, Broadroots was able to identify three major products areas where the organization could setup social media assets for future engagement and customer service.   Using these three major segments as part of a six month strategy, the company had a better understanding on where they could have the greatest impact and the channels and influences that were most likely to hold champions for the brand and its products.